Love is a Battlefield

“I went to a house party a few weeks ago with a few of my friends. We all decided to play a few drinking games and I got to talking to this girl. An hour later, we were extremely intoxicated and I started playing with the girl through her pants under the table. Then, she stood up, grabbed my hand and took me to bedroom leaving my friends still playing around the table.

As soon as we got in the room, she tackled me on the bed. She got under the quilts and I followed, and started going down on her. After about 5 minutes, my friends called me as someone was at the door asking for me. As I got to the door, I saw my brother standing with a shocked look on his face. He asked me who I’d been fighting, then my friends came to the door and started laughing. My brother told me to look at my hands and face. I looked at my hands and there was blood everywhere. As soon as I realized it wasn’t my blood, I felt sick in my whole body. I quickly washed myself and went back upstairs to confront the girl but she had left the house. She must have realized she was on and what had happened and sneaked out. I’d seen her around recently but she ignored me.”


Submitted by Anonymous


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